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2004-12-22New extended local calling routes in Texas: Luling/Gonzales and Luling/Seguin, effective 2004-12-08
2004-12-17NPA-NXX for Granite Mountain AZ changed from 928-998 to 480-683 effective 2004-05-18
2004-12-14Montana PSC approves EAS between Canyon Creek/Lincoln and Helena region. Implementation date is unknown, but will probably be around the same time as other EAS expansions in April 2005.
2004-12-10Updated local calling information for New Hope Telephone (Virginia)
2004-12-08Idaho PUC approves local calling between Shoup and Salmon/North Fork, with implementation to be completed by 2005-01-15
2004-12-07Updated local calling area information for BEVCOMM - Blue Earth Valley Telephone, Easton Telephone, Eckles Telephone, Shell Rock Telephone (Minnesota/Iowa)
2004-12-03Local calling from Lebanon OH to Dayton OH suburban exchanges effective 2004-10-20
2004-12-03Local calling between Liberty (Randolph County) NC and Asheboro/Ramseur NC effective 2004-08-06
2004-12-03Updates to local calling areas for Ellensburg Telephone (Washington)
2004-12-03Sprint Florida changes some ECS/$0.20 EAS routes to normal EAS, effective 2004-11-12
2004-11-30Updates for the following companies in Minnesota and North Dakota courtesy of Andy Filer: Wikstrom Telephone, TDS Telecom (Arvig Telephone), Arvig Communications Systems (East Otter Tail Telephone, Twin Valley-Ulen Telephone, Callaway Telephone), Felton Telephone, Loretel Systems, Halstad Telephone, Paul Bunyan Telephone, Blackduck Telephone, Peoples Telephone, Consolidated Telephone, Crosslake Communications, Lakedale Telephone, Polar Communications
2004-11-26Local calling between Prescott/Humboldt/Chino Valley and Millsite AZ effective 2004-11-18
2004-11-19Updated local calling information for Alltel (GA/NC), Glenwood Telephone (GA), and Randolph Telephone Membership Corp (NC)
2004-11-15Added local calling information for Wabash Telephone Cooperative (Illinois)
2004-11-14On September 24, the Montana Public Service Commission approved expanded local calling for Triangle Telephone Cooperative and Central Montana Communications exchanges in the areas surrounding Havre, Lewistown, and Great Falls. Implementation is to be completed by May 2005.
2004-11-14On September 29, Montana PSC approved the addition of 21 Blackfoot Telephone exchanges to the Missoula EAS region, with implementation to be completed by 2005-04-16. The exchange of Avon will become part of the Helena EAS region. Later, on October 12, the PSC approved the addition of Ronan Telephone exchanges to the Missoula EAS region.
2004-11-14On October 20, the Montana PSC approved the addition of Hot Springs to the Missoula EAS region, implementation date unknown (but probably 6 months as with the Blackfoot/Ronan cases announced earlier)
2004-11-05Michigan PSC approves expanded local calling (with 2000 minutes per month usage cap) for CenturyTel exchanges, implementation date 2004-11-05 (Chesaning, Montrose, and New Lothrop delayed until December)
2004-10-21Michigan PSC approves local calling expansion for Pigeon Telephone, with implementation to be completed by 2004-11-01
2004-10-21Local calling area expansion in Iowa for Kalona Cooperative Telephone (already in effect)
2004-10-19Nebraska PSC approves extended area service between Kearney and Sumner, effective no later than 2004-12-15
2004-10-05Liberty Communications (Iowa) expands local calling area for West Branch/West Liberty exchanges effective 2004-10-11
2004-08-26Updated local calling information for Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative (TN)
2004-08-17Local calling area information updated for Lexcom Telephone Company (North Carolina)
2004-08-14Bearskin Lake BC (250-236) exchange discontinued as of 2004-08-11. Thanks to Geoff Capp for the update.
2004-08-10BellSouth converts some Florida ECS (extended calling service) links to EAS (extended area service) effective 2004-08-01
2004-08-06American Samoa joins the NANP effective 2004-10-02. Area code 684 (+1 684) will replace the ITU E.164 country code +684.
2004-08-06Barry County Telephone Company adds inter-LATA local calling route from Lacey to Nashville effective 2004-09-01. Thanks to Jack Decker for the update.
2004-08-06Little Cornwallis Island NU (867-253) exchange removed effective 2004-07-29. The mining company has closed down the mine on this remote northern island. Thanks to Geoff Capp for the update.
2004-07-31FCC approves inter-LATA local calling between Jackson and Tyler TX, implementation date unknown
2004-07-17SBC inter-LATA adjacent exchange local calling routes in Michigan approved effective 2004-09-01 (FCC orders DA 01-1379/DA 04-1033); Winn Telephone expands local calling to Blanchard, Edmore, Mount Pleasant, Riverdale, Shepherd, Vestaburg (2000 minute per month cap), implementation date unknown
2004-07-05Updated local calling information for Pierce Telephone Company (NE)
2004-07-05New rate distance calculator: enter two NPA-NXX pairs to find the distance between rate centres (not necessarily the same as the distance between CO switches)
2004-07-05Northwest Communications Cooperative (ND) offers company-wide local calling (implementation date unknown). Northwest exchanges also have local calling to Portal (Midstate Telephone) effective 2004-04-01
2004-07-01Minnesota PUC approves local calling between Winsted and Twin Cities metropolitan area with implementation to take place no later than 2005-05-25
2004-07-01Updated local calling area information for Pioneer Telephone Cooperative (Oregon)
2004-06-26Oregon PUC approves expanded local calling areas in various parts of the state, effective no later than 2004-10-02: Rogue Valley (Jackson county, Josephine county, and parts of Douglas county in southern Oregon); Government Camp to/from Portland metro EAS region; South Beach to/from Depoe Bay/Gleneden Beach, Lincoln City, and Toledo; Bandon to/from Coquille; Lincoln City to/from Siletz (inter-LATA; FCC approved 2004-06-22)
2004-06-21Detour Lake ON exchange removed (the mine that was the main employer there closed down several years ago)
2004-06-15Great Harbour Deep NL exchange closed down as of 2004-05-19
2004-06-09Updated local calling area information for Champlain Telephone Company (NY)
2004-06-05Updated local calling information for Consolidated/TXU Communications (TX)
2004-06-04Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative (KS/MO/OK) expands local calling. Effective 2004-06-01, all Craw-Kan exchanges have local calling to one another.
2004-05-23Nevada PUC approves local calling between Laughlin and Las Vegas metropolitan area effective 2004-07-01
2004-05-23Nemont Telephone Cooperative/Valley Telecommunications (Montana and North Dakota) expands local calling effective 2004-07-28. All Nemont/Valley exchanges except Ambrose and Fortuna ND will have local calling to one another.
2004-05-20Portions of the Indiana exchanges of Monroeville, Woodburn, and Richmond that serve territory in Ohio will be deleted effective May 2004. The affected prefixes are 419-623, 419-632, and 937-966 respectively.
2004-05-15Added thousands-block pooling information for US prefixes. This is available via links from prefix listing pages.
2004-05-13Texas update from TX Public Utility Commission: Tehuacana to/from Hubbard, Teague, Wortham effective 2004-01-29
2004-05-09More local calling updates courtesy of Jeeper: Pattersonville Telephone (NY), Ntelos/Roanoke & Botetourt Telephone (VA), Piedmont Rural Telephone (SC), West Carolina Rural Telephone (SC), RTC Communications (IN), Lehigh Valley Cooperative Telephone (IA), Webster-Calhoun Cooperative Telephone (IA), McCook Cooperative Telephone (SD), Southwest Texas Telephone (TX)
2004-04-19Updated local calling area information for Guadalupe Valley Telephone Cooperative (Texas)
2004-04-11Local calling area information for Riviera Telephone Company (Texas) added
2004-04-11Local calling between Ashland and Eagle Lake ME (premium plan) effective 2004-03-20
2004-04-11Local calling area information for Big Bend Telephone Company (Texas) added
2004-04-01Sand Creek Telephone Company (Michigan) receives approval for local calling to Bloomfield, Hudson, and Morenci with 2000 minute per month cap; effective date 2004-04-01
2004-03-17Davis Inlet NL exchange replaced by Natuashish effective today
2004-03-05Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission orders Verizon to provide one-way local calling from Bath to Easton PA within 120 days.
2004-03-01Thanks to Jeeper for local calling updates: Surry Telephone Membership (NC), United Telephone (TN), Minnesota Valley Telephone (MN).
2004-02-23Thanks to Thomas B Clark for providing local calling area information for Piedmont Telephone Membership Corporation (North Carolina) and corrections to Durham-area exchanges.
2004-02-22Expanded Service Area band A and B calls for BellSouth exchanges in North Carolina now appear as local calls. BellSouth tariffs show that usage rates of $0.00 per minute apply to such calls, so they are effectively the same price as calls to the Basic Service Area.
2004-02-17Effective 2004-02-16, CT Communications (Concord Telephone, NC) has expanded local service area to include all of its ten rate centres, plus Granite Quarry-Rockwell, Norwood, and Salisbury. Harrisburg customers can also call Charlotte locally.
2004-02-06Local calling between Groesbeck and Tehuacana TX effective 2004-01-30
2004-02-06One-way local calling from Lebanon OH to Cincinnati metro exchanges (excluding Cincinnati itself, with which Lebanon already had one-way flat-rate local calling), effective 2004-02-10
2004-02-03Updated local calling information for Frontier exchanges in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia
2004-01-28Little Rock AR calling area includes MetroPlus customers in Bauxite and Benton
2004-01-28Local calling between Jonquière and St-Fulgence QC effective 2004-02-04
2004-01-27Local calling area updates in Texas, effective 2004-01-07: Scotland to/from Blue Grove, Bowie, Henrietta, and Holliday; Point to/from Terrell
2004-01-26Brantley Telephone (Georgia) confirms all of their exchanges can call one another locally.
2004-01-19Thanks to Jeeper for providing local calling updates for the following telephone companies in Iowa, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New York, South Carolina, and Virginia: Atkins Telephone, Butler-Bremer Mutual Telephone, Clarksville Telephone, Heart of Iowa Communications, Hooper Telephone, Keystone Farmers Cooperative Telephone, Ringsted Telephone, Laurel Telephone, River Valley Telephone Cooperative, Van Horne Telephone, MGW Communications, Palmetto Rural Telephone Cooperative, Germantown Telephone, Taconic Telephone
2004-01-16Local calling updates in Texas effective 2003-12-15: Alexander to/from Dublin, Hico, and Stephenville
2004-01-16Local calling updates in North Carolina effective 2004-01-16: Boonville to/from Dobson, Level Cross, Mount Airy, and Zephyr
2004-01-11Updated local calling information for Millington Telephone (Tennessee)

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