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2015-12-12Effective 2015-11-12, Aurora and Denver-Sullivan were consolidated under Denver. Local calling areas remain unchanged.
2015-07-17One-way local calling from Britannia Beach BC to metro Vancouver area and Whistler, effective 2015-09-01.
2015-07-01New xmllistnpa query to show region and overlay for specified NPA.
2015-05-01As of 20 April 2015, the Alabama exchanges of Bon Secour, Elberta, Fort Morgan, Gulf Shores, Lillian, Loxley, Magnolia Springs, Orange Beach, Robertsdale, Seminole, and Summerdale were consolidated under Foley. All of them already had local calling to one another.
2015-03-22Santel Communications Cooperative (OCN 1676) has had company-wide local calling since some time in 2014. They previously had optional local calling plans where subscribers could choose to pay a monthly fee to call specified exchanges.
2015-03-22Updated local calling information for Interstate Telephone Cooperative/Stockholm-Strandburg Telephone Company (OCN 1651, 1654, and 1679)
2015-01-29Updated calling area information for Ducor Telephone Company (OCN 2313), West Central Telephone Association (OCN 1501), and Red River Telephone Association (OCN 1631 and 4300). Verified information (no changes) for Dunnell Telephone Company, Home Telephone Company, Manchester-Hartland Telephone Company, Wilderness Valley Telephone Company, Northern Telephone Company.

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