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2006-12-31 Updated local calling information for Armstrong Telephone (Rising Sun MD), Dakota Central Telecom (ND), Frontier Communications (IL)
2006-12-27 Local calling to adjacent exchanges for customers of Baraga Telephone Company, Kaleva Telephone Company and TDS Telecom (Communications Corp of Michigan); effective dates unknown
2006-12-22 Local calling between Rivière-Héva and Cadillac QC effective 2007-01-15
2006-12-22 Ottawa ON extended local calling area effective 2007-06-18
2006-11-26 County-wide local calling in Sanpete County, Utah effective 2006-11-01
2006-11-15 Local calling expansion in Verizon territory in eastern Washington effective 2006-08-24
2006-11-14 Local calling from Watersmeet to Lake Gogebic MI effective 2006-10-13
2006-11-14 Local calling between Ordway and Pueblo-Main/Pueblo-Avondale CO effective 2006-11-02
2006-10-21 Local calling between Sept-Îles and Pentecôte QC effective 2006-10-13
2006-10-09 Added LATA and OCN fields to NPA-NXX search; added OCN field to telco search
2006-08-20 The CenturyTel exchanges of Foley, Holstein, Marthasville, Warrenton and Wright City MO will become part of Tier 6 of the St Louis Metropolitan Calling Area (MCA) effective 2007-03-01. Prefixes have not yet been assigned for the optional MCA subscribers.
2006-08-20 Local calling between Kilkenny and Twin Cities Metro MN effective 2006-08-24
2006-08-15 Local calling expansion in Johnson County NC effective 2006-07-29
2006-07-23 Totah Telephone (KS/OK) introduced company-wide local calling effective 2006-03-24
2006-07-18 Omaha NE rate centre includes Elkhorn and Gretna effective 2006-07-20
2006-07-18 Local calling area expansion in North Carolina: Grantham, Knightdale, Wendell, and Zebulon to Smithfield, effective 2006-07-29
2006-07-18 Local calling area expansion in Oregon: Antelope to Redmond/Culver/Bend; Chitwood to Blodgett/Corvallis/Harlan/Philomath/Siletz/Summit, effective 2006-08-05
2006-07-05 Recent rate centre consolidations: Mount Vernon/Anacortes/Sedro Woolley WA; Marysville/Arlington/Darrington/Granite Falls WA; St Johns/St Augustine/Julington FL
2006-06-16 Greenwood MO moves to mandatory Kansas City Metropolitan Calling Area tier 2 effective 2006-06-29
2006-06-16 The AT&T Missouri exchanges of Washington, Union, St Clair and Beaufort will become part of the St Louis Metropolitan Calling Area (optional tier 5) effective 2006-10-30
2006-06-15 Expanded local calling for the Flathead Reservation/Mission Valley area in Montana effective 2006-07-13. CenturyTel exchanges (Elmo, Finley Point and Polson) will have local calling to and from Arlee, Charlo, Dixon, Hot Springs, Pablo, Ronan and St Ignatius. The standard calling plan has unlimited usage but there will also be a measured-rate plan.
2006-04-28 Local calling between Ripley and Tiverton ON effective 2006-05-01
2006-04-07 All exchanges of United Telephone (North Dakota) have local calling with one another. Thanks to Audrey Chubb for the information.
2006-04-03 The community of Holman NT (867-396) has changed its name to Ulukhaktok effective 1 April 2006.
2006-04-02 Local calling expanded for Verizon exchanges in the state of Washington effective 2006-03-01: Anacortes to/from Sedro Woolley; Arlington to/from Granite Falls; Darrington to/from Everett/Granite Falls/Marysville/Silver Lake
2006-01-28 Many corrections and updates for telephone companies in Oklahoma and parts of Kansas
2006-01-17 Corrected calling areas for Rainier WA - thanks to Gary Owen for the update.
2006-01-16 Puerto Rico is scheduled to implement island-wide local calling effective 2006-04-07.
2006-01-15 Public Service Telephone Company (GA) expanded local calling in its exchanges effective 2006-01-01
2006-01-14 Missouri Public Service Commission approves expansion of local calling in Greenwood MO, which will move from (optional) Tier 3 to (mandatory) Tier 2 in the Kansas City Metropolitan Calling Area (MCA). This means all Greenwood subscribers will be able to call locally to all subscribers in the Kansas City MCA Principal Zone and in Tiers 1, 2 and 3, and to all subscribers to the optional MCA plan in Tiers 4 and 5. Implementation date unknown.
2006-01-10 Local calling between De Ridder and Merryville LA effective 2006-02-21. Thanks to Mark Cuccia for the tip.

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