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2011-12-29 CenturyLink/ex-Embarq Florida converts all ECS and $0.20 EAS routes to regular extended area service, effective 2011-11-01
2011-11-18 Bluewater ON exchange renamed Bluewater Beach in Bell Aliant tariff
2011-11-18 Grand Bruit NL exchange closed down effective 2011-05-31
2011-10-12 Local calling between Kingsville TX and Encino TX effective 2011-09-21
2011-10-08 Panhandle Telephone Cooperative introduced local calling between all exchanges in its service area effective 2011-07-01
2011-04-15 Company-wide local calling for Emery Telcom effective 2011-05-01
2011-03-08 Rate centre consolidation in Washington: Benge consolidated with Ritzville, and Puget Island consolidated with Cathlamet, effective 2011-03-05
2011-02-19 Added calling area information for Oregon-Idaho Utilities and Humboldt Telephone Company
2011-02-06 Local calling between Marshalltown and Laurel IA effective 2011-03-01
2011-01-23 Expanded local calling in Texas, effective 2011-01-07: Alice/Benavides/San Diego (AT&T) to/from Concepcion (Valley Telephone)
2011-01-03 Local calling between Bowser and Union Bay BC effective 2011-03-08

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